Sonya is your all-day Aegean bistro. Anytime of the day, let us whisk you to the coastlines of Greece and Turkey.

Iskren grew up in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, one of the oldest cities in Europe. His mother’s family hails from Varna on the Black Sea coast – famous for its fishing and diverse eateries given the history of the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman empires which used it as a trading point and left the footprints of their cuisines behind.

Iskren has worked in the London food scene since the age of 19 and now hopes to showcase the warm hospitality which Bulgaria offers, to London.

Start the day with our Turkish breakfast spreads (kahvalti) and organic coffee. Turkish coffee available for the adventurous…

Spend your afternoons and evenings in London’s most magical hidden garden feasting on meats, fish and kebabs cooked on our fire grill.

On Sundays, we feast… Family style. Join us for Bodrum Sundays, our family and friends feasting event, with live music and big sharing joints of lamb, beef, whole fish, lobster & orzo shared by the table

Our menu is inspired by fishermen, farmers and family tavernas across the Aegean from Bodrum to Naxos and Izmir to Santorini.

Originally from Turkey, he qualified top of the class in 2009 from Le Cordon Blu. Sercan has worked in the London Fine Dining circuit for 10 years, including three restaurants in the world’s 100 Best restaurants list (The Ledbury, Le Gavroche).

Chelsea restaurants - Sonya restaurant in Chelsea London - Aegean Greek Turkish

Is Greek food Turkish or is Turkish food Greek?

The history of Greek and Turkish food is as complicated as Ancient Greek history. The Greeks are not much amenable to the idea that their food might be indebted to Turkish cooking. The Turkish wouldn’t like to believe that the Greeks are at least partly attributable for some of their best dishes that have survived the test of time.

After 300 years of coexistence during the Ottoman Empire era, it’s hard to completely separate the two. Elements of both cuisines are a mixture of Western and Eastern food and in many cases even what is regarded as Turkish food, those from the Middle East might try and claim it as their own.

Whether it’s ‘dolma‘ in Turkish or ‘dolmades‘ in Greek (or stuffed vine leaves to you and me), both cuisines share a fascinating journey to arrive on your plate today. Every recipe, like every story, has sailed from place to place, has evolved and has been reimagined time and time again.

As far as we are concerned, we just want to break bread, drink wine and eat great food with our family, friends and loved ones.

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